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Busty Miss Bellum ride on fat dick

Powerpuff Girls Z Doujinshi

Hentai Picture: Busty Miss Bellum ride on fat dick
Chippy bitch being screwed by a couple of dudes and pulled hard by two schlongs in all imaginable fuck positions. Powerpuff Girls whores get caught in the fuck craze: you’ve never seen them go so bad horny and fuck-caving… Curvaceous Miss Horner from Powerpuff Girls is hopping with a massive vaginal invasion here inside of current entry.

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Whorey Buttercup likes it in the booty

Powerpuff Girls Hot

Hentai Picture: Whorey Buttercup likes it in the booty
You’ll be able to check out some Powerpuff Girls drawings showing you hot chicks taking cocks here, or watch a gorgeous girl be introduced to into getting it on with another hot babe! Let’s follow the lead of a nympho from Powerpuff Girls that is being screwed now off the curb after trying on some clothes in a shop just the other moment… Buttercup has great looks and all, but she gets pumped and receives a creampie like some free ride…

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Who doesn’t want to become Miss Bellum’s valentine?

Powerpuff Girls Z 01 English Subbed

Hentai Picture: Who doesn’t want to become Miss Bellum’s valentine?
Watch mock-modest goody-goody babes of Powerpuff Girls sprawling their strong legs to demonstrate their pinkish glittering with moisture slits and juicy red dicks making their huge balls spank over tempting ass hemisphere! Miss Bellum brings into view her awesome tight bum and pierced belly as she gets creampied in her debut camera appearance… Here is a very unique sort of Powerpuff Girls retold in erotic key!

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Still moist Buttercup gets out of bathroom

Powerpuff Girls Futa

Hentai Picture: Still moist Buttercup gets out of bathroom
Here’s a wonderful Powerpuff Girls site catering to fanatics as well as newcomers! Let’s follow the lead of a bitch from Powerpuff Girls who is having her pussy polished right on the curb when she was shopping a couple of minutes away… Buttercup gets shagged from behind and gets a big load of cum sprayed all over her face and tits…

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Looks like now Bubbles and Buttercup are more powerfull than Blossom

Cartoon Porn With Hot Powerpuff

Hentai Picture: Looks like now Bubbles and Buttercup are more powerfull than Blossom
Whores from Powerpuff Girls cannot wait to get right to it, ready for non-stop fucking action, ready to suck, for their cum holes to be plugged and to squirt. Sunburnt Blossom has greased herself and drives her fingers turn and turn about into her ebony axe wound. Horny Powerpuff Girls slut dreams for this awesome black tool squeezed into her firm anus, and then blow it till it shoots tons of cum giving her a messy facial cumshot to savor on!

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Buttercup is huge enough to blow ebony chisel

Nude Powerpuff Girls

Hentai Picture: Buttercup is huge enough to blow ebony chisel
Glamorous Buttercup rides cock, gets drilled in her every cum hole and takes in the mouth a big load of jizm… The most responsible part for sex-sareed hotties of Powerpuff Girls is to participate in fuck feasts with well-hung fellas and provide their tight fuck holes to be really used to capacity by the biggest boners! Nicely equipped easy meat from Powerpuff Girls is going up and down under hard pussy penetration here in the thread!

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Miss Bellum is one horny redhead!

Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi

Hentai Picture: Miss Bellum is one horny redhead!
Powerpuff Girls street walkers love getting dirty about one another to present the best fuck session than you could ever dream of… Petite Miss Bellum demonstrating her well used ass hole after one awesome ass pumping session… Big tit street-walker from Powerpuff Girls is going up and down from a hard cunt shag here in the post!

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Powerpuff Girls Porn Story: The Birds and The Puffs (Written by Bub)

Powerpuff Girls Porn Story: The Birds and The Puffs (Written by Bub)

Narrator: The city of Townsville! Ah, spring has sprung, birds chirping, bees buzzing, but something else is buzzing at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten, school of the Powerpuff Girls. Lets see what we’re learning today.
Ms. Keane: Good morning class!
Children: Good morning Ms. Keane!
Ms. Keane: Today’s lesson will be sex education. Can anyone tell me what sex is?
[Blossom raises her hand]
Ms. Keane: Yes Blossom?
Blossom: Sex is the biological mating of a species to create offspring in order to preserve the survival of the species.
[Everyone gives her a bewildered look]
Ms. Keane: uh…that the long and boring dictionary term, yes, but sex is more then just making offspring-
Bubbles: But Ms. Keane, the Professor told me babies come from the stork!
Ms. Keane: Well, sometimes adults make up these things until you kids are ready..
Buttercup: Yeah Bubble-butt! Do you believe everything you hear?
[Bubbles sticks her tongue out at her sister]
Ms. Keane: (ahem) Now then class, we will be in groups of two, a boy and a girl so we can understand what sex is. Buttercup, your with Mitch Mitchellson, Bubbles, you’ll be with Mike Believe, and Blossom your with Harry Pitts. Everyone get into pairs.
[The class rummages around until properly paired with their assigned partners.]
Ms. Keane: Boys, please remove your clothing.
[Mitch eagerly removes his shirt, shoes, and socks in front of an equally eager Buttercup]
Mitch: Well, Buttercup, can’t wait to see mine huh?
Buttercup: You know it Mitch
[She grins seductively]
Buttercup: And I can’t wait to show you mine!
[Mike is beet red slowly taking off his shirt]
Bubbles: What wrong Mike?
Mike: N-N-Nothing, I j-j-just haven’t been naked in front of a girl before.
[He finally gets his Shoes and socks off]
Bubbles: Don’t worry Mike, we’ll all be nakie soon so you won’t feel alone.
Mike; Thanks Bubbles.
[Harry is casually removing his garments to a cool Blossom]
Harry: You don’t see very excited Blossom
Blossom: I know what separates boys and girls, I’ve read much on the subject of sex. It’s just a natural part of life that we as-
Harry: Blossom, your kind of killing the excitement here
Blossom: Oops, sorry.
[Harry removes his shorts and undies]
[Mike slowly takes off his shorts where a small tent in his underwear shows]
Bubbles: What’s that?
Ms. Keane: This Bubbles is called a “penis’ and is part of how to have sex.
[Mitch as well, removes the rest of his clothes]
Mitch: its also where I pee!
[With that, Mitch pees on a very astounded Buttercup]
Buttercup: Bleh, buh, eeewww Mitch! Do that again and you won’t have ANYTHING there EVER!!!
Mitch: It was an accident?
Ms. Keane: That’s enough mitch!
[She hands a paper towel to Buttercup]
Ms. Keane: Now then, yes, that is where boys pee, but look underneath the penis. See the sac dangling there
[The girls look]
Ms. Keane: That sac is holding “sperm”. Which are-
Blossom: Sperm or “seamen” are small capsules that hold basic DNA for reproducing life and-
Buttercup; Blossom, knock it off already! Not everyone reads “ The Dictionary for people with big egos ”!
[Author’s note: I may be off on all these definitions. At least I try! Get back to fapping]
Ms. Keane: Blossom is correct though, that is the first step for making babies.
Bubbles: But why is mike’s so big and hard?
Ms. Keane: He has an “erection”, which is the body’s way of saying its ready for sex. Girls, you may touch the boys penis. The head is very sensitive to touch so don’t be rough.
[Buttercup quickly grabs hold of Mitches cock]
Mitch: E-e-easy Buttercup! You know what Ms. Keane said!
Buttercup: Don’t you worry, I’ll be careful. (for a while)
[Blossom gently takes hold of Harry’s slong and messages the head.]
Harry: oooooohhh boy, this feel better then rolling around in the biggest mud puddle.
[She then strokes him up and down]
Blossom: He’s really getting into this, and I’m starting to feel funny…
[Bubbles as well, gently strokes Mike’s little boy cock up and down]
Bubbles: Hee Hee! This is fun! Its soo cute.
Mike: Y-y-yeah, this feel really really good! I wonder(huff) why i—uggghhh!
[Mike grunts as little boy cum ejects out of his cock splashing bubbles face. After several more squirts he finishes]
Mike: woooow that was incr-credible!
Bubbles: Ms. Keane, Mike’s sperm came out!
Ms. Keane: Yes Bubbles he had an ejaculation or cumed. That’s a very pleasurable experience for both boy and girl.
[Just then, two more grunts were heard]
Mitch: grrrrrr!guuuuhhhh…
[Mitch’s seed blasted onto Buttercup’s face]
Mitch: oooohhhh yeeaaahhh…
Buttercup: I see you enjoyed that! Mmmm tastes like salty butter…
Mitch: Heck yea I liked it! I can’t wait to try that on you!
[On the other side of the group, Harry came splashing boy juice all over Blossom’s rosy face]
Harry: guuhh ahhhhhh… wow that was great!
Blossom: Huh, the book never said anything about hand stimulation…
Harry: There’s more to sex then the bio side of it..
Blossom: Can girls “cum” too?
Ms. Keane: Precisely Blossom, and now its your turn, girls: please take off your clothes.
[Buttercup gave a very mischievous grin at Mitch as she removed her dress, shoes, stockings and very slowly removed her panties]
Ms. Keane: Now class, here is a naked girl, see how her chest is protruding out a bit? Those are Breasts and will grow bigger in size to hold milk for the baby. I will show you what I mean.
[Ms. Keane then takes off her vest and unzips the back of her outfit revealing her bra and panties complete with holdup stockings. She then unclasps her bra letting her boobs free]
Children: ooooooohhhhh
Ms. Keane: Yes class, the nipples here are what the baby will suck on to draw milk out for nutrition. These are sensitive to touch too, but don’t pinch too hard. Girls, right now your breasts may not be as sensitive yet, but that will change as you go through puberty. Now, moving on, Look down between the legs, see that small crack? Buttercup, could you spread your lips apart?
[Buttercup reaches down and spreads her pussy lips apart to show a very mystified class]
Ms. Keane: This is the vagina and is the part of a girl where the penis enters at the start of sex. See the small bump at the top? That is the girl equivalent of a penis, called the clitoris, and is the most sensitive part of the body. The hole below is where urination occurs.
Buttercup: Like this Ms. Keane?
[And with that, Buttercup lets loose a stream of pee out of her piss hole onto a very shocked (but deserving) Mitch.]
Mitch: Bu-bu-butt-buttercup???!!!??
Buttercup: Hey, an eye for an eye Mitch!
Ms. Keane: (Sigh) yes, like THAT Buttercup….
[She throws a whole row of paper towels at the two]
Ms. Keane: Now then, before I was interrupted..
[She glares at Buttercup who gives a ‘it wasn’t me” smile complete with a little halo on top of her head]
Ms Keane: The large hole at the bottom is where the penis is inserted during sex.
Mitch: Its soo small though! How will my wiener fit?
Ms Keane: The hole can stretch like a rubber band so it can fit penises of any size. By the way class, there are many names for both genitals. For a penis you can call it “Dick, Slong, or Cock” to name a few.
Blossom: Cock? Like a rooster!
Mitch: Now I know what my Grandma meant when she said my Grampa Dick was a dick!
Ms Keane: Moving on for the Vagina, it has names like ‘Cunt”, cunny”, or commonly named “pussy”.
Bubbles: Heh Heh! A little pussy cat!
[Bubbles then starts singing the “Meow Mix” theme]
Bubbles: Meow meow meow meow meow……
[Buttercup throws her hands against her ears]
Buttercup: Ahggghhhh! Not again!!!!!! Bubbles shut up!! Now Its in my head!!!!!!!!!!
Blossom: Bubbles, please! This is educational material we’re learning!
Bubbles: Meow meow me-ow me-ow! Ok I’m done!
[Everyone gives a sigh of relief]
Ms. Keane: Uh…thank you Bubbles…that was very nice ah-heh. Moving on, Bubbles and Blossom, you two can remove your clothes now.
[Bubbles whips off her dress, shoes, and socks. She then turns around and playfully pulls down the back of her little blue panties showing her little butt to a very red Mike. She wiggles her butt at him, and then slaps the left cheek with her left mitt before pulling her panties back up.]
Bubbles: Hehe!
Blossom (giving bubbles a stern look): Bubbles….
Bubbles: ooooookkyyyyy…..
[She turns back around and wiggles off her panties; she then thrusts her hips forward, giving Mike a great close up of her pussy]
Bubbles: Look at my little pussy cat mike!
Mike(With a very red face): Uh um….its…um…. nice
Bubbles: oh mike!
[She gives him a little kiss on the forehead]
The rest of the class: ewwwww! They’re kissing!!!!
[Meanwhile, Blossom calmly removes her bow then takes off her dress. She then puts her bow back on. Next, she slowly takes off her shoes and socks one at a time.]
Harry (growing impatient): Could we hurry this along?
Blossom: Patience is a virtue…
[Blossom finally removes her pink panties slowly. She covers her slit with her mitts while giving a slight pinkish hue around her cheeks.]
Harry: Well?
Blossom: Even without clothes women must maintain modesty.
Harry(looking forlorn): Sigh..oh well, I’ll see it sooner or later.
Ms. Keane: Now that everyone has stripped, we will begin our more sociable part of the lesson. We will begin with oral stimulation.
Bubbles: O—orrel?
Blossom: That means using your mouth.
Ms. Keane: Yes Blossom, along with using your hands people also use their mouths as a place for satifaction. Blossom, Harry will stimulate your Vagina
Harry: Swweeeeeettt…..
Blossom: (sigh)…men….
Ms. Keane: Bubbles, you will suck on Mikes penis…
Bubbles: I’m going to put his rooster in my mouth??? Ewwww!
Blossom: it’s “cock” Bubbles.
Ms. Keane: Don’t worry Bubbles, you’ll be fine. Just think of it as a lollipop.
[She turns her attention to Buttercup and Mitch]
Ms. Keane: Buttercup and Mitch, you two will go into a position called a “69”. This is where two people can orally pleasure each other at the same time.
Buttercup: Cool!
Mitch: Yea! Word!
Ms. Keane: I will help you along the way so lets begin! Harry, please lie down.
[Harry lies down on the carpet]
Ms. Keane: Blossom, straddle over Harry’s head then squat down.
[Blossom hovers over to Harry and straddles his head. Harry looks up only to see her hands are still blocking his view.]
Harry: Ummm…Blossom?
Blossom (Now more embarrassed and a little angry): This is so in dignifying! There’s nothing I’ve read that signifies oral stimulation either!
Ms. Keane: Please bear with me Blossom, there’s nothing to be ashamed of here. While animals have sex for reproduction only, we humans have evolved a much more pleasurable experience that helps strengthens relationships as well as having young. Please give this a chance, I know you’ll enjoy it.
Blossom: (sigh)
[She slowly uncovers her slit to a very wide eyed Harry. He instantly starts to lick her pussy while getting a sizable hard-on]
Blossom: Haarrrryyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhh!
[Harry stops licking for a second]
Harry: Blossom, could you open your pussy lips please?
Blossom: (Huff, Huff) oookkkky…
[As if in a trance, she spreads her pussy lips granting Harry more access to her girlhood. He starts licking with more intent.]
Blossom:……..!!!! I’ve n-ne—ver felt….ssso…good! Lick me faster!!!
[Harry can only comply as he continues to eat Blossom’s cunny out. His right hand is busy rubbing up and down on his shaft.]
Ms. Keane: Harry? Blossom? If I could stop you for a second.
[The two slow down and stop and they both take a breath.]
Ms. Keane: Class, see what Harry was doing with his penis? That’s called “Masturbation”. Common terms are “Jerk or jacking off”, ‘Wanking”, or some silly ones are “jerk you gerkins” and “Spank the monkey”. You pleasure yourself to achieve orgasm. Blossom and Harry, you two can continue in a second. I need to get the other couples ready.
Mike, please lie on you back like Harry is. Bubbles, go in between his legs and grasp his penis in your hand..like that.
[Bubbles squirms a little while staring at it.]
Buttercup: Come ON Bubbles! You didn’t have a problem jerkin’ him!
Bubbles: I know…but he…pees from there…
Ms. Keane: it’s ok Bubbles, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to.
[Bubbles looks up at Mike. He gives her a nervous but reassuring smile; she likewise smiles back at him.]
Bubbles: I’ll do it for Mike!
Blossom: THAT’S the spirit Bubbles! Do it!!
[Everyone looks at Blossom perplexed]
Blossom: What? If I’m having a good time with Harry, you’ll have a good time with Mike!
[Blossom rubs her pussy in anticipation]
Bubbles: um…is she ok Ms. Keane?
Ms. Keane: She a little horny it seems. Which is something I forgot to mention, when you’re about to have sex, you get in a odd state of mind. All logic stops and instinct kicks in. If you girls look down, you’ll notice some moisture on your vaginas like Blossom has.
[Both Bubbles and Buttercup looked down at their pussy’s and, sure enough, their neither lips were flowing away]
Bubbles: eep! I wet myself!
Ms. Keane: Actually Bubbles, that’s nature’s way of making your hole slippery so that it’s easier to let the penis slide in.
Harry: And it tastes good!
Blossom: Hehe!
Ms. Keane: Mitch, you also need to lie down on the carpet. Buttercup lay on top of him with your bottom at his head and your head at his penis.
[Buttercup floats over to Mitch and lays belly first on Mitch’s torso. Her head is right at his erect little boy cock while Mitch gets an outstanding view of Buttercup’s ass and pussy lips. He takes a hand and pinches her butt.]
Buttercup: yeowch! Mitch!
[Mitch immediately regrets this as she pinches his balls and kicks him in the face.]
Mitch: owwwwwww! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!
Ms. Keane: Either both of you quit it now or you’re in time out in separate corners!!
Both: Yes Ms. Keane…
[Buttercup shoots Mitch a very evil smile as two little horns pop up on her head, and for the first time in his young life, Mitch is very afraid]
Ms Keane: Now then, we can begin. Blossom, you and Harry can continue. Bubbles, you can start on Mike. If you want, close your eyes and imagine your sucking on a tootsie-pop.
[Author comment: Tootsie-pops kick ass! Don’t dis the tootsie-pop!]
[Blossom gets back on top of Harry and he greedily licks and slurps on her very wide spread pussy]
Blossom: Come on Dirty Harry do it! Faster!
[Harry continues eating her tunnel out while her juices flow like a waterfall. Meanwhile, Bubbles closes her eyes and gives Mikes cock a lick]
Mike:ho ho hooooo boy
Bubbles: hey, it doesn’t taste bad.
[She now puts it in her mouth and sucks slowly]
Mike: ahhhh! Ahhhh!
Bubbles: mmmmmm….
[She opens her eyes]
Bubbles: mhp mmmph mphhhhhhhh!
Ms. Keane: What was that Bubbles?
[Bubbles takes Mike’s cock out of her mouth and strokes it with her mitt.]
Bubbles: cock-a-doodle-dooo!!
[She then goes right back to sucking Mikes little cock vigorously, while taking her left mitt and stroking her little girl pussy.]
Bubbles: Mph mph(gasp) mphhhhh!
[Switching over to Buttercup and Mitch, Buttercup lazily strokes Mitch’s cock and teases him by letting the tip touches her lips.]
Mitch: Hurry up Buttercup! Your killing me!
Buttercup: Life’s a dog, ain’t it Mitch?
Mitch: Fine! I’ll start without you.
[Mitch takes a finger and rams it up Buttercup’s pussy, which causes Buttercup to clamp down on Mitch’s cock.]
Buttercup: MMMM!
Mitch: Ahhhh!
[Mitch then takes his tongue and munches down on some cuppo cream pie while rubbing her clit with his finger.]
Buttercup (taking Mitch’s cock out): (gasp)Oh god!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate you even more!!!
[She then resumes her very fast sucking of his cock.]
[Meanwhile Blossom is having the time of her life as Harry continues on gnawing at her cunt while pumping his cock with a free hand]
Blossom: ohhhhh yesssss! Harry! Lick me till I scccrreeeeeeeaaaammmm!!!!
Harry: Too late!
[Blossom lets forth a huge orgasm as her pussy unleashes a wave of juices covering Harry’s face. He then has an orgasm of his own as his cock shakes and jerks ejecting stream after stream of boy juice onto Blossom’s sweet little ass.]
[Blossom stays stiff for a few seconds as her orgasm passes. She takes a breath.]
Blossom: mmmmm… you came on my butt…..
[Harry releases his hand on his cock and wipes some of his cream off her ass. He brings his hand up to her face and she lovingly sucks the cream off his hand as she happily stares at him with her beautiful pink eyes.]
[Bubbles hears Mike grunt and stops sucking, she jerks him off while still fingering herself.]
Mike: ohhh Bubbles! I lo-lo-ve-yo yo-oooouuuu!
[For the second time, he cums splashing his load onto Bubbles face. She then closes her eyes and lets out a loud moan as she lets loose her girl cum onto the floor.]
Bubbles: ohhhhhh ahhhhhh….
[With a free hand she wipes the cum off her face and sucks on her hand enjoying the taste]
Bubbles: mmmmm…yummy….
Mike: Bubbles? Can I try some of yours?
Bubbles: Sure Mike!
[Bubbles scoots up next to Mike as he reaches out and touches her cunny slit. She shudders a bit in response as his fingers move around getting a glob of her juices. His finger leaves her pussy and he licks the juices off. They stare at each other content.]
[Buttercup starts moaning in between gasps from Mitch sucking on her cunt. As he squeezes her ass with his hands, she finally lets loose a flood of cunt juice spraying all over Mitch’s face.]
[She sucks rapidly on Mitch’s cock until he grunts sending stream after stream of boy cum into her mouth. She goes cross-eyed for a few seconds as she gulps down his sperm. Finally, she lets his limp noodle fall out of her mouth and takes in some air. They both take a deep breath.]
Ms. Keane: Very good kids! After you cleanup and rest, we will begin the final part of the lesson.
[After a quick cleanup (and snuggle), the pairs sit waiting patiently. Ms. Keane has a very satisfied look with her body hot and the crotch of her panties very wet.]
Ms. Keane: Now class we will begin the last part: actual sexual intercourse.
Bubbles: ummm… Ms. Keane, won’t we get babies?
Ms. Keane: Oh no. you’re not old enough, while the boys can cum, they don’t have any sperm cells yet and you girls don’t have any eggs.
Bubbles: We make eggs?! I’m a chicken????
Buttercup: No stupid! Just shut up or I’ll shuut you up!
Bubbles(tears start welling up): Buuuttttteerrrr ccuuupppp!!! Waaaahhhhhahahaaaaaa
Blossom: Buttercup! Apologize to your sister NOW!!!!!!!
Buttercup: grrrrrr fine! I’m s-s-s-ooo-rrr—y… there I said it…. (Whiny baby…)
Blossom: Thank you Buttercup.
Bubbles (instantly stops crying): Yaaaaay! Thank you Buttercup! ^_^
Ms. Keane: Yes thank you Buttercup, that’s a very nice thing you said to your sister. Though making fun of your sister was rather pointless as this story isn’t progressing any further and I’m sure most of our readers have now lost their hard-ons… But moving on, each of you will have sex, but using different positions. By the way, the common term for intercourse is “fucking”.
[The whole class gasps]
Harry: She said a naughty word!
Ms. Keane: Now class this term is only to be used in this context. You can say it without penalty.
Mitch: Alrrriiighhhtt! I’m gonna fuck you up good Buttercup!
Buttercup: Shut up and fuck me then!
Ms. Keane: wait! Wait! I need to instruct you first. Excuse me for a moment.
[She slips off her now soaked panties showing her supple pussy with a small triangle shaped tuff of black hair. Her juices flow down her leg.]
Bubbles: You have a pretty kitty Ms. Keane!
[Blossom slaps herself on the forehead and shakes her head]
Ms. Keane; Thank you Bubbles. Now to begin, Blossom you will “ride” Harry. I need you to get into the same positions as before except closer to his penis. Harry, don’t enter her yet until after I get everyone else ready.
[They both get into position and wait]
Ms. Keane: Bubbles, you and Mike will be in the “missionary” position. First, I want you to lie on your back. Mike, you need to get behind her.
[Bubbles and Mike get into position]
Ms. Keane: Now Bubbles, spread your legs and your vaginal lips.
[She does so, giving Mike an all access pass to her front gates. She then takes her mitts and spreads her pussy lips wide-open showing Mike the soft pink flesh inside. His cock immediately salutes the view at full staff.]
Bubbles: Its soooo cute when it’s stiff!
[Her clit pops out under her hood as her pussy starts drooling at the sight of his prepubescent boyhood]
Mike: Your starting to get ready..
Bubbles: mmmm I can’t wait!
[Her jusices start flowing rapidly]
Ms. Keane: Buttercup and Mitch, you two will do what is known as “doggy” style.
Buttercup: Bark Bark Mitch!
Mitch: Well you did say life is a dog…
Ms. Keane: Buttercup, you need to get on your hands and knees, Mitch get behind her.
[Buttercup gets down into position and Mitch gets behind her. He sees her lovely little ass and an idea pops in his mind… he takes his hands and spreads open her ass cheeks exposing her puckered asshole to him.]
Buttercup: Mitch, what going on back there?
[Ignoring her, he takes his cock and aims right at her back door]
Ms. Keane: Now then, we wil-
Buttercup: Mitch…wait..wait waitWAITWAIT! OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!
[Mitch rams his little cock up her ass in full force]
Mitch: ooohhh yeaahhh! This is what sex is! Wooooo!
Buttercup: miiitch! Yooouuuu jeeeerrrk, wrooooonnngggg hooooolllee!
[Mitch overcome with shock and fear quickly pulls out of Buttercups ass.]
Ms. Keane: You’re very lucky I don’t send you to time out! (She takes a breath to calm down) While anal sex is also practiced among couples, it is a bit risky here. We do not want bad things to happen.
Mitch: Yes Ms. Keane…
Ms. Keane: Before you all can start, I need to explain one last thing. When a man inserts his penis, he hits a barrier in the woman’s vagina called the ‘hymen’. This indicates whether the girl has had sex. Since none of you girls have, your virgins, clean and pure. Don’t worry, no one here will take your virginity yet as the boys won’t have their “equipment” to their full size until about 14 or so. You all can begin. The rest of you can join in by masturbating, as I will as well.
[Blossom is about to let herself down when Harry speaks up.]
Harry: Blossom, I thought you didn’t want to do this.
Blossom: Look Harry, when a girl wants to be fucked in her pussy, you don’t ask questions, you fuck her in her pussy!
Harry: Yes ma’am!
Blossom lets herself down on Harry. His cock pushes up into her pussy with a slurp.]
Blossom: Ahhhhh! Oooohhh…its so weird having something inside me!
Harry: mmmm.. your tight! Wow…
[Harry instinctly starts pumping in and out]
Blossom: ooohhh aahhhhh! Oooohh god…so much pleasure! Keep fucking me!!!
[Meanwhile Mike is on his knees and nervously tries to insert with no success.]
Bubbles: What wrong Mike?
Mike: I…ahhh…can’t seem to get… ummm… in you…
Bubbles: Here Mike, I’ll help you.
[She takes a mitt and grasps hold of his cock. She tenderly guides his little penis into her pussy hole.]
Bubbles: mmmph! Ahhhhh…. That feels strange
Mike: Yeah, it feels like I’m cramming my…ummm..cock.. into a straw. Its so tight.
[He starts thrusting slowly]
Bubbles: ahhh! Ooohhhh! Ahhhh! This feels really good! I’m so glad your fucking me Mike.
Mike: I (grunt) am (oofff) too… ohh this feels sooo good!
[Mitch has finally repositioned himself guiding his cock to Buttercup’s snatch.]
Buttercup (annoyed): Are we at the right hole this time?
Mitch: Yes….
Buttercup: Finally…now just-opph!
[Mitch rams his cock into Buttercup’s pussy, thrusting with all his might]
Buttercup: whhoooaaaa ahhh! Ahhh! Oooohhhh! Fuck me harder Mitch!
Mitch: You like that(grunt) don’tcha Buttercup?
[He starts slapping her butt to his thrusts]
Buttercup: ow! Hey! Why are you…?
Mitch: Payback for the kick in the face and the time I dared you to moon me in class. I wanted to whap you hard till Ms. Keane showed up.
Buttercup: Shut up and(ahhh) keep fucking me! Easy on the spanking though, my butt’s still sore from your cock earlier(oooohh).
[He continues looking at her ass pounding on his loins]
Mitch: Fine, I’ll wait.
[Meanwhile, the rest of the class has started their wanking session. Julie Bean has her dress up and panties to her ankles rubbing her cunt with a hand vigorously. Robyn has taken off her shots as her panties hang on one leg while she thrusts a finger up her little girl cunny. Elmer Slglue has his pants unbuttoned on the floor and his undies down to his ankles, rubbing a hand up and down his cock like there’s no tomorrow.]
[Hell, even Princess has joined in on the fun, with her skirt up, panties down, and a small golden vibrator thrusting itself into her rich moist pussy.]
[Finally, Ms. Keane has thrusted a couple fingers in her pert snatch watching the kindergarten debauchery unfold.]
Ms. Keane: That’s it kids! Faster! Faster! Ooohhhh!
[She plummets her fingers into her sopping wet pussy while her other hand excites her breasts by pinching a nipple.]
[All around her, her students are jacking off their dicks and rubbing their clits to the three couples before them fucking their brains out.]
Blossom: oooohhh aahh yeah!
Harry: mmm..ooohhhh good
Bubbles: eeeehhh ahhh!
Mike: oohhh yessss!
Mitch; Fuck yeah!!!!!!
Buttercup: mmm ooohhhhh Fuck me Mitchie!!!!!!!!
Blossom: ooohhhh! Ohhh! I feel like I’m going to…
Mike: Bubbles! I think I’m about to…
Buttercup: Mitch…CUM IN ME NOW!!!!!!!
[He smacks her ass]
Mitch: Alright!
[At that moment, time slows down. Mitch takes in one last pound as his cum shoots into Buttercups pussy while her juices spray out and both spray onto the floor]
Both; arrrrgghhhh!!!
[Bubbles convulses as her juices let loose as she feels Mike’s cock spray his load inside of her. The combined blast creates a small fountain in between them landing on Bubbles stomach.]
Both: ahhhhh! Ohhhh…
[Harry: lets out one last grunt as he lets his cum out into Blossoms womb. She retaliates by spraying her pussy juices all over his cock as it overflows onto the floor.]
Both: oooohhhh god….
[Around the six, shrieks and moans are heard as little cocks erupt their cum out on to the group. Likewise the girls pussies overflow with girl cum onto the floor, their hands, and even shooting out a couple inches]
[Finally, Ms. Keane lets a huge wave of woman cum spraying on the floor as everyone lets loose in an orgasm so huge the floor vibrates and a window cracks from all the high-pitched moans and shrieks.]
[Everyone collapses in an exhausted pile. Blossom lies on Harry’s body, Mike has collapsed on top of Bubbles who hugs him gently. Mitch is on top of Buttercup as she has collapsed on the floor.]
Buttercup: Move! I’m getting a face full of carpet and I can’t breathe!
[She rolls over making Mitch topple off her and onto the floor.]
[Everyone takes time to catch their breath as the afterglow of orgasm passes. Finally, Ms. Keane breaks up the silence.]
Ms. Keane: Everyone did an outstanding job! I’m very proud in all of you, Especially Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Harry, Mike and Mitch, who so wonderfully showed us how to have sex and have a little fun with it too. After everyone all catches their breath we will cleanup and get dressed so you can go home.
[With that, everyone takes their share and cleans up the room, just as Blossom puts her bow back in place however…]
Hotline (with a very satisfied expression): BZZT! BZZT! BZZT!
[Blossom runs over and grabs the receiver.]
Blossom: Yes Mayor?
Mayor; Powerpuff girls! There’s a giant monster destroying Townsville and it’s shooting some kind of beam that’s making everyone…YEEEEEOOOWWWW!
Ms. Bellum: Mayor! Are you all right?
[The Mayor gets up, looks around, and a little heart appears on his monocle. He runs over to Ms. Bellum and crazily humps her leg.]
Mayor: Pickle…pickle…pickle…pickle….
Ms. Bellum: Mayor! Not again! This is just like the time when you ate that one box of Turkish delights…
Blossom: Get dressed girls; were going to fuck this monster up!
[As the girl’s get ready to fly out, Ms. Keane stops them]
Ms. Keane: ah ah ahh! Now you girls know better than that! What do you say?
All three: Ms. Keane, may we be excused to save the world…?
Ms. Keane; yes you may..BUT NOT THROUGH THE!!!
[A crash is heard as the girls fly off]
Ms. Keane: (sigh)…roof….
[The pulsating hearts come up]
Narrator; and so once again… the day will be saved thanks to..
[ In an explosion of stars, the girls appear.]
[Bubbles on the left has her dress up panties down, spreading her pussy lips.]
[Blossom, in the middle, has her panties down as well with one hand rubbing her pussy and juices running down her leg.]
[Buttercup, on the right, has her panties down with her ass cheeks spread open revealing her butt hole with a very mischievous smile.]
Narrator: The powerpuff girls! Huh, now I know what that thing down there is for…

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